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Hola.  Welcome to The Spanish Guru!

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Learning Spanish is an amazing adventure that will open up a whole new world for you and will allow you to discover a culture that's rich and full of spirit.

Born in Mexico City, Eli (Elias Eduardo Hans) has developed a "stress-free" method to teach Spanish conversation which has proven to be extremely successful over nearly twenty years. It is fun, logical & sequential, placing emphasis on conversation, while teaching grammar in a non-threatening manner.


"My goal is to help students sound as natural as possible from the start, speaking with confidence, not just reciting verb conjugations in a classroom.".

Eli loves to teach and has many tools to help all types of learners, including a variety of auditory, visual and kinesthetic stimuli to cover all bases.

"If I can help pave the way into the hearts of this warm, gentle and humorous culture, then I've done a great thing," he says.

Eli’s teaching style incorporates "Accelerated Learning" elements including role-playing, music and songs, theater games, and spontaneous situations that help students to absorb the language in a more natural way.

Your teacher
As an actor, musician and singer, Eli strives to make his classes highly  entertaining. He has produced, directed and acted in Spanish TV and  radio commercials, in films and Spanish theatrical productions, and has been a professional voice-over talent for the past eighteen years.

listen to his Voice Demo below!)

Focusing on practical conversation, Eli’s lessons include SLANG, COLLOQUIAL expressions and HUMOR, bridging the gap between you and the local culture. During your lesson, he pays special attention to fine-tuning your "accent" and helping you to develop vocabulary, improve comprehension and build confidence fast.

If you'd like to learn to speak Spanish in one of the most magical towns in Mexico, and have fun during the process, you are in for a treat!

Please contact Eli to begin an exciting adventure!

To PLAY Eli's Spanish Commercial Voice DEMO

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